Family plans joint memorial for Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A memorial service is in the works to celebrate the lives of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher after the mother and daughter died within hours of each other earlier this week.

There are no details yet on when and where the service will take place, but family members tell ABC News the pair will be honored jointly. And since both film icons liked a good party, we are told to expect a celebration of their lives and love for each other.

Reynolds' son Todd Fisher, who was seen visiting a Los Angeles cemetery Thursday, said family members are hoping to hold a dual funeral service for the "Singing in the Rain" star, who died Wednesday, and Carrie Fisher, who played the indomitable Princess Leia in the "Star Wars" franchise and died a day earlier.

Todd Fisher told ABC News that just 30 minutes before her fatal stroke, Reynolds said she wanted to join her daughter.

"The stress of losing a child, it's unnatural to leave the earth before your child," he said. "She always felt that way. In fact, I think she said to me a couple of times, she's not going to go to Carrie's funeral. Now, she gets to hang out with Carrie and doesn't have to go to the funeral."

Todd Fisher said Reynold's children were the core of her life.

"She was amazing at so many things, but I think her children were her pride," he said.

And they adored her, as captured in a photo from 1964 showing a 6-year-old Carrie mesmorized by her mother as she performed on stage in Las Vegas that went viral.

There'd been rough patches, including a decade of estrangement brought on by Fisher's battle with drugs and mental illness, but the star of the "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" always radiated sunshine.

"I think that we are all, possibly, sinkable," Reynolds said. "But we have to fight against that. And our life can become very turbulent and hard for us to live through many difficult moments."

In recent years the two icons had found the antidote to those troubles: irreverent humor and proximity. They were neighbors and best friends, as evidenced in HBO's upcoming documentary "Bright Lights."
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