Queens home health aide caught on camera abusing stroke victim

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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Sandra Bookman has the story from Rego Park.

REGO PARK (WABC) -- A case of alleged senior abuse was caught on camera in Queens, and it landed a home health aide behind bars.

The video shows the aide grabbing, slamming and screaming at a stroke patient inside his home in Rego Park.

The suspect tried to unplug the camera, but all he did was unplug the audio cable, allowing the video to continue recording.

The aide, Ihor Krutovskyi, had only worked for the family been taking care of 78-year-old Bentision Murakhovsky, for five days.

The family had installed the camera after having problems with a previous aide, and they were shocked by what they saw when they reviewed the tape.

Murakhovsky is a paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair after his stroke, and he is no longer verbal. A change in his behavior prompted his wife and granddaughter to consult the video.

"My grandmother looked at it first," Gabrielle Murakhovsky said. "she called me, and I came and I rewinded everything. And we saw. We were shocked. It was hard."

Krutovsky was arrested and has been charged with two felony counts of endangering the welfare of an incompetent, elderly or disabled person.

The Murakhovskys have filed a lawsuit against the aide and the company he worked for, Personal Touch Home Care.