How to load the dishwasher: Do's and don'ts guide goes viral

If the peace in your household has ever been disrupted by the dishwasher, you are not alone.

If you live with someone you feel does not understand the basic concept of loading it properly, here you go. A how-to guide posted on Vinepair is making the rounds.

They posted a handy guide, courtesy of a chef, that they say will seriously improve your life in ways you never knew possible.

First, here are the DON'Ts:

-Please DO NOT place everything at random.
-Do NOT place the glasses horizontally.
-Or put the bowls on the bottom shelf. They take up too much space there.

Now for the Dos:

-All small glasses on one side, all coffee mugs on the other.
-Organization is key.
-Large stemware goes in the back - you knew that.
-And cutlery always faces upwards. (No reasoning given here, but it's probably a visual thing.)

Feel free to print this and post it in your kitchen.
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