7 awesome dog videos in honor of National Dog Day

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Friday, August 26, 2016
Happy National Dog Day!
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Check out these happy dogs in celebration of National Dog Day.

Happy National Dog Day! Be sure to give your four-legged best friend extra smooches today, and check out these fun videos in honor of this awesome holiday!

Australian shepherd has the patience of a saint

Meet Oshie, a talented and patient 3-year-old Australian shepherd! He seems to have no trouble balancing several treats on his nose and head while holding additional treats in his mouth.

Corgi puppy can't deal with mini pumpkin

This mini-dog is not a fan of this mini-pumpkin. The dutiful dog stands his ground throughout the pumpkin encounter, refusing to back down. Bilbo the corgi's defensive series of snarls and swipes throughout the standoff show this pumpkin who's the boss!

Clever dog shows off incredible tricks

Watch Super Nova perform an array of extremely impressive tricks with her friend and trainer, Felicia Foy. The 2-year-old medical service cattle dog demonstrates her plethora of eye-opening skills here, including a particularly great example of extraordinary balance.

Dog delighted to be reunited with family after surgery

This Irish terrier was ecstatic to be reunited with his family after surgery to restore his sight. Last year, Duffy was found to be suffering from health problems and diagnosed with diabetes. His family struggled to control his blood sugar levels and Duffy went blind. After the diabetes was eventually under control Duffy underwent surgery to restore his sight. This video shows Duffy delighted to see his family again, and vice versa!

Puppy snuggles with tiny baby

At just 10 weeks old, Eisleigh had already met her cuddly best friend, Clyde. Watch her little face as it lights up after the 8-week-old puppy climbed up on her baby climber.

German shepherd cares for adopted new puppy

Just a few days after getting a new sibling, Kali was taking care of the pup as though it was her own!

Fluffy Samoyed pup shakes paw

Louna is a 3-month-old Samoyed and she's a fast learner! Here she is playing paw with owner Romain at their home in Thonon-les-Bains, France.