Eleven arrested at anti-Trump protests in New York City

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Eleven protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct Friday as thousands took to the streets of New York City for the third-straight night, outraged over this week's presidential election.

The arrests, according to the New York City Police Department, were around 7 p.m. mainly near Sixth Avenue between 46th to 50th streets.

An estimated 4,000 demonstrators gathered in Washington Square Park, many of them are women. It was part protest, part support group.

They were determined to send a message to America's next president and the people who elected him.

"I think that we have to do everything we can to fight the bigotry and hatred that he's incited with his campaign and if he stands for bigotry than I can't stand for him," said Naomi Friedman, a Tenafly resident.

Dana Nicolette is from Massachusetts and campaigned for Hillary Clinton. "I'm not expecting anything to change, I realize that Trump is our president-elect, I think that people are feeling a collective sense of grief and despair, it's a grieving process," Nicolette said.

Protesters converged on Union Square and then marched through Midtown. Some headed up Fifth Avenue and others went up Sixth Avenue. When a handful of demonstrators tried to stop traffic, they were warned by police, and then arrested.

Others chanted outside Trump Tower.

"We can still keep fighting and just because it was a huge blow that Donald Trump was elected, doesn't mean that we shouldn't stand up for our rights, and that we shouldn't stand up for each other, and that we shouldn't spread the message of love," said Caroline Wolinsky, a Tenafly resident.

On Wednesday, thousands blocked Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower where he was meeting with aides. That continued Thursday, when protesters vowed they were not in the mood to give the president-elect a chance to win them over.

"It's not what he's done as president," one protester said. "It's what he did before he was president."
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