Drive-in movie theaters have returned to New Jersey

MADISON, New Jersey -- The Boxcar company, which started as a parking application, has turned to the entertainment business to stay afloat.

After their business was halted as a result of the pandemic, Joe Colangelo, CEO of Boxcar, along with his team decided it was time to reinvent their business model and bring drive-in movies back to New Jersey.

"Business down 100% means that we can explore any new opportunities that are out there because we can't do anything with parking," said Colangelo.

Using the application they created for their parking business, the Boxcar team is now using this same application to sell tickets and food for their screenings all across New Jersey.

"We want everyone to have a good view of the screen and we want the logistics to be smooth. The last thing we want is people to have a bad experience," said Colangelo.

Currently, the company is focused on bringing drive-in movies to different towns in New Jersey, all while helping out local businesses and communities.

"Welcome to the future that looks like that past," said Colangelo.


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