Some neighbors saying Dyker Heights lights 'out of hand'

DYKER HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- On 84th Street in Dyker Heights, Thanksgiving is so last week. It's Christmastime in a neighborhood that makes Rockefeller Center look quaint.

Every year more and more visitors come to visit, and the displays are as eye-popping as the electric bills. With more lights than you can count, the glow must be visible from the International Space Station.

However some residents say it has all gotten out of hand. Soon, tour buses will roll in and officers and auxiliary police will be stationed for weeks, where tourists have been known to block driveways and even urinate in them.

On Sunday night the local civic association is putting homeowners on notice. Among other things: 'time all displays to end at midnight and do not use amplified music.' Visitors are urged to 'respect people's property' and not to litter, block driveways or honk horns incessantly.

Officers tell Eyewitness News that isn't even the half of it. In another week, thousands of people will converge on 84th Street, and there will be so many lights on that you will need your sunglasses at night.
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