Brutal beating of young man in East Village caught on camera

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Saturday, March 11, 2017
Brutal beating of young man in East Village caught on camera
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Josh Einiger reports from the East Village.

EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) -- A vicious beating in the East Village was caught on camera.

A man was innocently walking when he was suddenly attacked by two suspects.

They were relentless, punching and kicking the 24-year-old over and over again.

The video shows the brutal attack in the middle of the night. Two assailants stomping and kicking a man who was powerless to fight them off. The suspects then left him there splayed out on the sidewalk.

"It looked bad. It looked real bad. Because once the ambulance came, there was just blood all over the street. It was bad," said Chad David, an eyewitness.

It happened around 2:45 a.m. on Orchard between Rivington and Stanton in the heart of the East Village.

Cops say the two attackers had chased the victim up Stanton, then caught up to him, and attacked.

And as they hunt for the assailants, they also want to find a woman, who appeared to be with them or, at the very least, clearly witnessed it all.

"Late nights when they getting really drunk it's getting it's getting crazier," said Beka Peradze, a restaurant owner.

Meanwhile on this block teeming with bars, people who live and work there say late night mayhem is only getting worse.

"The neighborhood is getting crazy at night, especially on the weekends, because young generation people getting drunk and wasted," Peradze said.

"This is New York City so you're never not be amazed at what you're going to see," David said.

The victim is in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital.