11 sets of twins enroll at Lynbrook Kindergarten Center

LYNBROOK, N.Y. (WABC) -- Is it a case of seeing double or double trouble?

11 sets of twins are enrolled at a kindergarten center in Nassau County.

That's going to make it a bit harder for teachers to get everyone's name straight.

It's not easy wrangling a group of kindergartners, especially when the entire group is made up of twins!

"It first started with five sets, then all the sudden it became six and then seven, and then once we hit eight I said OK, our record was seven now we're up to eight, and then a few weeks ago we received our 11th set of twins," said Ellen Postman, Principal at Lynbrook Kindergarten Center.

There are 10 sets of fraternal twins, and one identical set. The staff at Lynbrook Kindergarten Center finds the unusual number of twins exciting, but it seems the concept of having a twin hasn't quite set in for some of these 4 and 5 year olds.

Some were quick to show off what makes them the same.

"I like the matching pants though. Yeah and we have the matching shoes," said Natalia and Mariah Jenkins, 5-year-old fraternal twins.

Some others are already looking for their own identity and wouldn't dream of dressing alike.

They will get plenty of time to let their different personalities show. Principal Postman has strategically separated the siblings, yet each of them will have class with another child, who is also a twin.

It's nice to establish independence and set their own personalities and their own goals and then be able to share all of their friendships that they've made in their class with their twin," Postman said.

Identical twins Jillian and Jolie Bey said that they were happy to be separated in different classes.
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