2 Long Island students achieve perfection on their SAT and ACT scores

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Kristin Thorne reports from Dix Hills, where one student achieved perfect scores on both his ACT and SAT tests, and another student missed just one question. (WABC)

A high school on Long Island has perfect students, when it comes to the SAT and ACT, that is.

One student at Half Hollow Hills West in Dix Hills aced both tests. A second student missed just one question.

"I wasn't obviously expecting to get perfect scores, you can't really expect that," said Joshua Wende, who scored perfectly on the SAT and ACT.

"I remember actually when he opened up the scores, him looking at the 800, 800, 800 and staring at it for a while saying, 'Where are my scores?'", said Joshua's mother Debbie.

Amazingly Josh's peer Rose Bender did almost just as well.

The senior at Half Hollow Hills High School West got a perfect score on her ACT and a near perfect on her SAT.

"The first thing I felt was relieved I guess, because I know a lot of people our age have to take these tests over and over again," said Rose.

Rose is her class's valedictorian. She's risen to that status despite having to deal with two serious medical conditions.

One is hemophilia. She has to inject herself several times a week with a protein that essentially thickens her blood.

Her favorite extra curricular activity - organizing blood drives at her school.

Josh's is playing on the school's baseball team. And obviously they don't do too shabby in the classroom either.

"I feel really proud of Rose and Josh and all the top 20 of Half Hollow Hills High School West. It is a great school," said Rose's mother Shari.

Josh and Rose have the same piece of advice for anxious test takers. They say, just relax.

"Don't stress over it," said Rose. "Try to do your best but don't stress out if you're not reaching the standards you think you can, or maybe your friends doing are better than you are. It's just not really worth it," Josh said.

And now to answer the question you've all been wanting to ask. Rose is going to Yale, and Josh to Dartmouth.

Rose will be participating in the Hemophilia Walk in Riverside Park in Manhattan this Sunday morning.

For more information, visit: http://www.nyhemophilia.org
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