Bronx middle schoolers need donations to attend elite STEM program

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AJ Ross has more on the student STEM program.

A special group of 8th graders from Bronx Alliance Middle School are breaking down college level algebra and excelling in science.

"I like math because it challenges challenges my thinking," explained student Jaden Thorne. "Science, I like the hands-on experience."

"It's been a little hard but we've gotten through it together with helping each other and stuff," continued classmate Maya Morgan.

Recently with the help of several teacher nominations six students were selected into the Envision Summer STEM program, a competitive and innovative experience encouraging future careers in engineering, technology, and beyond.

However even with the help of financial aid, there just isn't enough money to go around with program costs averaging out to about $1600 per child.

"There was a letter that came in the mail for each of us that said that our teachers nominated us for a STEM program," explained Sharda Mandal with a smile.

"Makes me feel special...cause they chose me out of all 8th graders," added Samuel Ajayi.

"They're the kind of students who just don't want to get the right answer...they want to know why it works and when they could actually use it in real life," added algebra teacher Madeleine Fazio.

Determined to see these kids dreams come to fruition, teachers started a GoFundMe page which so has generated 1/6th of the costs, but more donations are needed.

"That money won't go to waste because it will be sent for us to go and have a new experience," said Dannopheaoy Mam.

"These kids have worked so hard for so long and this is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime," added science teacher Alicia Heinemann.
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