Brooklyn high school makes plans with $1.5 million check that bounces

EAST WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A Brooklyn high school was scammed by a bogus check worth $1.5 million, and now, students are the ones being impacted.

Those at the High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology thought they were receiving a sizable gift, only to learn a bitter lesson. Students are understandably disappointed.

School officials confirm they received a check from Diaz Romero, only to have that check bounce.

"It's outrageous," one student said. "I don't know what he got from this. And why would someone do this? It's crazy."

The money was to be used for a trip to the Grand Canyon, Broadway tickets for students and technology upgrades the school. Many students wondered if school officials should have checked out Romero's background more carefully before making plans to spend the money.

"I don't know why the school isn't looking more into it," student Tyler Daughtry said. "If you see somebody give you $1.5 million, why wouldn't look into it closely?"

School officials said in a statement that the "DOE will review its donation policies going forward and continue to support the High School of Enterprise, Business and Technology around this matter."

Still, students were baffled as to how this could happen.

"I heard about the trip to the Grand Canyon. but...they should have went into it," student Tajjai Powell said. "But they seemed not do it. Looks like they got scammed."

In the meantime, the NYPD and the schools special commissioner of investigation are looking into the bounced check and how the school handled it.
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