Officials hold meeting with parents after Newtown Middle School teacher discovered with gun

NEWTOWN, Connecticut (WABC) -- Their child's teacher walked into Newtown Middle School with a loaded gun and Thursday night, worried parents wanted to know how this happened.

At an emergency meeting called by the school superintendent, parents grilled officials about security.

It was an alarming discovery at Newtown Middle School Wednesday that triggered heart-wrenching memories when a female staff member noticed a loaded gun concealed on an 8th grade science teacher.

Addressing parents' concerns at a meeting Thursday school officials disclosed more details about the investigation of 46-year-old Jason Adams, who's now on administrative leave as he faces a felony weapons charge.

While schools officials do not believe Adams had any mal intent, several parents with children in his class questioned how such a thing could even happen, with some suggesting increased security measures like metal detectors.

Meanwhile, at least one parent believes Adams deserves the benefit of the doubt, as a valid permit holder and generally well-liked faulty member.

Both the Board of Education and state attorney's office are now conducting independent investigations into Adams who is set to appear in court again April 20th.

Additional mental health counselors were at the school Thursday and will continue to be on hand to help students process this incident.
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