NJ LEEP Academy propelling high schoolers to excellence in Newark

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- There are high marks for a college prep program in Newark where 100% of its students are headed to college.

It's going to be one heck of a fall semester for these soon to be incoming freshmen at top universities.

Right now, Brandon Dodson's a student at University in Newark and Amanda Nwankwo goes to Hudson Catholic in Jersey City.

The two high school senior dynamos have one thing in common, NJ LEEP Academy, that's the New Jersey Law and Education Empowerment Project.

The after-school program in Newark, run by Seton Hall School of Law, also stands for excellence, propelling its students to college ready status.

They latch on to the kids the beginning of 9th grade and take them on an academic ride for the next four years.

"We use law to teach real world and college readiness skills," said Matthew Feinstein, NJ LEEP.

"I think it's prepared me in a sense that, I'm not as intimated by lot is school work. I have an essay due, but I also have a 7-page brief due," Dodson said.

"They helped me with my writing skills, speaking skills, public speaking," Nwankwo said.

This year is a banner year. 30 seniors are in the class and each and every one, all 30, have been accepted to colleges, all with financial aid, some with 4-year scholarships.

Part of the success is that they make this a family affair.

"We push our students hard but they know we care about them. We don't take them for granted. That would be an injustice to them," Feinstein said.

You can learn more at NJLEEP.org, but be ready to work! They are grooming winners!
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