Students in New Jersey named, shamed over delinquent lunch and book money

FAIR LAWN, New Jersey (WABC) -- There is controversy at a public school in Bergen County, after students tweeted that classmates were publicly named and shamed over delinquent lunch and book money, and allegedly threatened that they would not graduate unless they paid up.

Fair Lawn seniors have been told to pay up or students won't get their diplomas.

During a morning assembly, the names of students who owe for lunch fees, books, and other activities were read aloud.

Some students were apparently caught off guard.

"They had a large group of people and large list of students just being notified today, and they called everybody's name out in front of all the seniors today," said senior Steve Ruynoso.

One student posted on Twitter, saying the first few students that were named were teased and shamed.

It appears that the list of names who owe money was rather long.

"Usually they'll send home a notice, like you have to return this library book or they'll give it to your homeroom teacher, something along those lines," said senior Tal Regev.

But seniors say some of their classmates have failed to meet their responsibility.

"One of my friends, he had to return one of his jerseys for soccer and he quit three years ago. He quit as a freshman and he's a senior now," said senior Zaki Tahir. "He knows he's got to pay, he's just been slacking off."

The school superintendent was not in the office Wednesday to respond, but the kids say they plan to pay up so they can walk across the stage during graduation.
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