Parents concerned over busing of children after asbestos problem at New Jersey school

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Carolina Reid reports on the asbestos issue at a school in Cedar Grove.

Worried parents in one New Jersey town are asking questions about where their pre-K through 4th grade children will go to school this fall and how they'll get there.

That's after what is being called an "asbestos incident" during construction work at the North End School in the Essex County town of Cedar Grove.

The parents are worried about the safety and well-being of elementary school children who will now be bused 3.5 miles away to a temporary new home.

"I feel like you guys rushed to a hasty decision because time is running out and you just took whatever was available," said one parent.

The problem is that the school will not be ready for the first day of school because the building tested high for asbestos.

It came to light during recent renovations, so the plan is to house preschool and kindergarten students at Leonard Parks School in Cedar Grove.

But the issue is that 1st through 4th graders will be bused to a school in Woodland Park, the next county over.

"All of our options including the high school was thoroughly explored, ultimately who shot it down, I did," said Schools Superintendent Mike Fetherman. "I understand where you're coming from, some of you don't like the answers you're getting. That's understandable but it doesn't change where we're going."

Parents spent hours answering questions, and administrators tackled them one by one.

In the end, most were not exactly thrilled, but felt better informed.

"I have no problem with my son going over to Woodland Park, the situation is what it is," said parent Jacqueline Norman. "I think that they will do fine, kids adjust and parents adjust. We just need to let them know that this is for a short period of time and they'll be back to the environment they know."

Fetherman says he is confident the school will be ready in January after the holidays.
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