Untrue rumor about Muslim 8th grader with gun leads to him being questioned by police in Connecticut

STAMFORD, Connecticut (WABC) -- A rumor that wasn't true about a Muslim student bringing a gun to school caused a terrible situation for the students and staff at a middle school in Connecticut.

Hoda Metwally says an ugly insult spread into a disturbing rumor at Dolan Middle School in Stamford.

Metwally says the situation escalated quickly when police were called to the school to question her son about happened during his 8th grade social studies class nearly two weeks ago.

"One of the students in the class said about another kid he looks like the type of kid who would bring in a gun to school and start shooting people," Metwally said.

She says her son, who is Muslim and of Palestinian and Egyptian descent, simply tried to console another Muslim student who was being bullied.

"They targeted the two Muslims involved in this situation and questioned them for two days, but no one else," Metwally said.

Metwally says her son doesn't know who made the comment.

The principal sent a message to parents who said in part, "It was determined that these rumors were the result of a very unsuitable 'joking' conversation among students. Those involved will be disciplined and the entire student body has been informed of the dangers this kind of communication can have."

"I've spoken to my son at length about the situation and I've done my best to not upset him or have anger towards everyone else, but He certainly deserves an apology," Metwally said.

Administrators at the middle school said they would call Eyewitness News with a response soon, but we have not received it yet.
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