A look inside what's to come at 2018 Oscars Governors Ball

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- Get a look at what's expected at this year's Governors Ball following the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday.

After tomorrow's long Oscar ceremony is over, several hundred invited and very hungry guests will head to the Governors Ball to eat, drink and celebrate.

The theme of this year celebrates the history and art of films from the silent era and on. It's 90 years of cinema, and it's representing every branch of the Academy.

Cheryl Cecchetto of Sequoia Productions is once again the bell of this ball, and she's thrilled that for the first time in Governors Ball history, Oscars from the past will be on display.

"These 12 Oscars have come out of the vault. Every Oscar that sits in the top tier is an Oscar prior to 1940 - original Oscars. Those are brass, a different base, and it's just fantastic," she said.

There is Oscar history there everywhere you look, including a costume sketch featuring Marilyn Monroe from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," Audrey Hepburn's wig from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's," and the bar is stocked with, well, film stock.

Lois Burwell of the Awards and Events Committee said all the titles at the bar are in the Academy's library.

As always, they are floral accents. This year, the succulents will live out their days lovingly at a showbiz retirement community.

"We are going to donate them to the Motion Picture Home so that they plant them in their garden so that they celebrate their 90 years because there are some residents there that have actually been around 90 years and working their whole life in the film business," Burrell said.

Let's not forget the food. Wolfgang Puck and his crew are cooking up plenty of fresh ideas for the always-hungry guests.

"Over 300 chefs are going to be here on Sunday. We don't have hot boxes where food is holding in there. We are making everything 'a la minute' - cooked to order, make sure everything is done," said executive chef Eric Klein. "It smells like happiness and memories."

Guests of the Governors Ball will be enjoying the food, the drink and the 90 years of Oscar history as soon as that last award is handed out.