A preview of Marvel's 'Inhumans'

'The Avengers' might be more familiar and 'Spiderman' more well known, but Marvel's Inhumans have been around for more than half a century. Now this group takes its place within The Marvel Cinematic Universe, but only after making history as the first TV series to debut in IMAX theaters.

Shooting with IMAX cameras allows for a big scope that's unusual for the small screen world of TV. Iwan Rheon, most famous for playing Ramsay Bolton in "Game of Thrones," is one of the stars of this new series, and he told Eyewitness News "It's a completely different way of shooting and editing so I think what you get is a sense of the world they live in."

In the secret city of 'Attilan' on the dark side of the moon, Rheon's character resents his brother, 'Black Bolt' who is the king and head head of The Inhumans Royal Family. Anson Mount plays the monarch who must remain silent and let his queen, played by Serina Swan, speak for him. turns out this is perfect for the actor who made his mark on cable in "Hell on Wheels." The actor says, "The Gayton Brothers who created 'Hell on Wheels' -- they often joked I was the only actor who ever asked for less lines, and it's true: a lot of dialogue I find is unnecessary, and I saw this, and I thought let's see how far we can take this idea."

So why can't his character speak?

"It's an uncontrollable power that he has: it's a destructive force when he speaks," he says.

The actor reasoned his character couldn't use American Sign Language (ASL) because, after all, 'Black Bolt' is an Inhuman who doesn't live on earth so how would he ever know about ASL?

As a result, Mount came-up with his own gestures and the resulting language now runs to 50 pages of photos and diagrams.

The series premiere played in theaters for two weeks this month. That unprecedented move plus the Marvel name attached, means there is a need for this show to succeed. 'Marvel has such a huge fan base, " Iwan Rheon said in LA, "and there's people who really know these characters; they know this story, and it's a really good pressure for us to have to try and make it great for the fans."

The two hour season premiere airs Friday starting at 8 PM on ABC-7.
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