All the rage: The Wrecking Club allows for directed anger

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Lauren Glassberg has more on these anger rooms.

Do you ever get so angry you want to throw something? Or who knows, maybe you actually did throw that punch. Well now, there's a place in Manhattan where you can unleash all your fury.

In fact, you're actually encouraged to do so.

At the Wrecking Club, you're given baseball bats, crow bars and other instruments of destruction (along with safety goggles and gear). And then, you get to take it out on old computers, printers, cell phones, mannequins and more.

A 30-minute session will cost you $40. It may be cheaper than therapy, but it likely doesn't get to the root of what's really bothering you.

Dr. David Straker, a psychiatrist on the Upper East Side, said people with long-standing anger issues may do better by implementing a regular exercise routine, such as running, which can release endorphins.

Also helpful is talk therapy, to figure out what causes a person's stress to manifest as anger.

But for a temporary release, swing away a the inanimate objects at the Wrecking Club.

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