Fans and the judges help find the 'American Idol' top 10

LOS ANGELES -- "American Idol" started months ago, with thousands of hopefuls starting their individual journeys to stardom.

Week after week, that number has dwindled; and on Monday, we saw the final 14 dropped down to the top 10. Fans voted after Sunday night's round of competition.

Six of the top 10 performers were from America's list. The other four were chosen by the judges.

Host Ryan Seacrest called the contestants out one by one, and placed them in either the "victory zone" or the "danger zone." They were all asked to perform; clearly those in the "victory zone" had an easier time.

Maddie Poppe - She was first up and first to enter the victory zone. Maddie celebrated by singing "Walk like an Egyptian" by the Bangles. Poppe was happy and energetic but the song choice didn't add much zing to kick off the show. The judges aren't weighing in on the folks in the victory zone... only those in jeopardy.

Michelle Sussett - Fans vote was not strong enough so Michelle was in the danger zone. She performed an original song called "I'm a Dreamer." Luke Bryan acknowledged it was tough to have to sing right after being told you didn't make the top 10. Katy Perry thought the song was gracefully delivered and told Michelle singing in both English and Spanish was her ace up her sleeve.

Marcio Donaldson - The crooner from Compton was also put in the danger zone. He sang one of Nick Jonas's songs, "Jealous." Bryan told Marcio this wasn't his strongest. Perry said whether Marcio wins or not, he should take away the thought that he is always enough. Lionel Richie didn't pull any punches and said these kids can expect to hear a lot of "No's" in their career but the goal is to stand firm and know this isn't the end.

Cade Foehner - The long haired rocker was voted into the top 10 and he sang Gary Clark Jr.'s "Bright Lights."

Garrett Jacobs - Ryan made some football references to the former high school player, basically tell him it's time for a Hail Mary. He sang "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Bryan thought it was a good song choice and allowed him to state his case for staying. Perry told Garrett this was the best he'd ever sounded. But Richie is still looking for more individual style and wants Jacobs to show who he is.

Gabby Barrett - Yup, another one in the victory zone. She showed more energy than she had to date by singing Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon."

Dennis Lorenzo - He was in the danger zone and sangs Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" to try and secure a spot in the top 10. The judges all kind of tipped their hands on this one. Bryan told Dennis he was going to fight for him, because he's done a great job with every different style he's performed. Perry essentially said "ditto." Richie told the viewer/voters they didn't know what they were doing and that Dennis hit this one out of the park.

Jonny Brenns - Another one in the danger zone. He chose "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. The judges politely offered encouragement: from Bryan, get back to playing your instruments; from Perry, you need more stage movement; from Richie, don't get overwhelmed.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson - The country crooner slid into the top 10 and performed Chris Young's hit "Getting You Home."

Mara Justine - The 16-year-old performed for her life after being placed in the danger zone. She sang Rihanna's hit "Love on the Brain." Bryan thought she "sang her tail off" and was surprised America didn't vote her through. Richie agreed. Perry was more pragmatic and reminded the young teen this is all about timing.

Jurnee - It's the danger zone for Jurnee. She sang a song from the recent movie "The Greatest Showman" called "Never Enough." Bryan praised her with showing us very different sides on Sunday's show and Monday. He said he's seen enough and is sold. Perry doesn't understand America's disconnect and thinks she's never seen a more qualified woman for the job. Richie's words were simple and heartfelt: "I love you."

Michael J. Woodard - Top 10! He's been pushing genres more than anyone and went back to Broadway to sing "Believe in Yourself" from "The Wiz."

Catie Turner - The final contestant to make viewer's top 10. She got the great going by performing Camila Cabello's recent hit single, "Havana."

Ada Vox - She brought down the house performing Dreamgirls signature tune and belted out "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." The audience started screaming "Ada! Ada!" and the judges took notice. Perry took the lead and announced the trio didn't need to discuss anything. They ordered Ada right into the victory zone.

The judges deliberated on the other three hopefuls who would continue their journey. Their choices: Jurnee, Michelle Sussett and Dennis Lorenzo.

"American Idol" continues next Sunday, April 29, and will bring a "first" to the world of reality competition television: it will be live, coast-to-coast, so viewers all across the country will get to watch and vote at the same time.