Blogger-turned-Broadway star gets early start on bright future

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Sandy Kenyon has the latest. (WABC)

She is a blogger and a Broadway actress, and at just 18, she's attracting a lot of attention. She is working hard to get an early start on a bright future.

Tavi Gevinson started her own fashion blog as a pre-teen, and "Style Rookie" was interesting enough to attract the attention of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, among others. When she was 15, her creation morphed into an online magazine, and shortly after her 18th birthday, she debuted on Broadway in the revival of the play "This is Our Youth."

To call her a prodigy would surely be accurate, but even though she is barely out of high school, the fashionista-turned-actress is more down to earth than her many accomplishments might suggest.

"I think ultimately I was really lucky," she said. "And a lot of people were very receptive to whatever I was going on about."

She started expressing herself at the age of 12 after feeling, as so many others do, that she just didn't fit in at her middle school.

"And this turned out to be this hobby that was then broadcast to a large number
of people," she said. "The way you act and all your most-passionately held beliefs are going to be different."

"This is Our Youth" takes place in the 1980s, but some of the lines could have come from Style Rookie in the 21st century, and her young fans help pack the theater every night.

They send her cards and greet her at the stage door after the show.

"I mean, no matter how kind someone is being in writingm it doesn't compare to seeing a human being in front of you and having an actual interaction with them," she said.

It would be tempting to call her an adult in a teen's body, and she certainly holds her own opposite a couple of actors -- Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin -- with a lot more experience.

But Gevinson is still capable of acting her age, and, in fact, she remains tough to categorize by design.

"I'm not content to limit myself in any way," she said.

She said one secret to her success is not to focus on fame or monetary rewards, but just look for jobs that are fun and promise creative satisfaction. After her Broadway run ends next month, she's thinking about applying to college.
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