Business booming for Yonkers shop after Lin-Manuel Miranda's Red Carpet mention

YONKERS, New York (WABC) -- "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda did not come away a winner for his original song in Disney's "Moana," but a local tuxedo shop certainly scored.

San Marco Formals in Yonkers got a shout-out during the Red Carpet pre-show for suiting up the Broadway star for nearly 20 years.

It's no surprise really that business is booming at San Marko Formals now.

When Oscar nominee Miranda mentioned the Yonkers formal wear shop not once, but twice, on the Red Carpet Sunday night, well that's just the plug of all plugs.

"San Marko in Yonkers, New York, where I prom tux in 1998 and they're still going strong those guys," Miranda said.

"St. John's Hospital, I just came from there, and they said, Fran, you're fabulous. And now I have opera singers coming. One of my nurses, she's going to send her son. He's an opera singer," said Frances Forchetti, San Marko Formals.

Miranda has actually been a loyal customer there for years.

"We are so used to seeing him all the time now that it comes very natural. We've been doing this for 40 years. So if he walks in or if anyone walks in, we treat them all the same," said John Forchetti, San Marko Formals.

San Marko, now in its 47th year, is a family-owned business run by Forchetti and her three sons.

While they've customized thousands of tuxedos throughout the years, the Oscars is no ordinary black tie affair.

During the television broadcast, their handiwork faces the scrutiny of viewers in more than 225 countries around the world.

"I always listen to the client and understand how does he want to dress? Does he want to be the guy who is standing out, or does he want to be guy who is taking a step back and being conservative?" said Robert Forchetti, San Marko Formals.

Miranda chose the conservative route, but thanks to his kind words, it's the Forchetti family that stands out now.
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