Chris and Heidi help couples shape up in 'EWL: Love Can't Weight'

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Jennifer Matarese interviews Chris and Heidi Powell about their new extreme weight loss show on ABC. (WABC)

There's a new "Extreme Weight Loss" show on ABC and this time it's all about love.

Trainers Chris and Heidi Powell star in the new companion pieces to the original show called "Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can't Weight".

The first couple taking part on Tuesday night's show will be Cain and Tiffany from New Orleans. Four years ago, they were the thin, athletic, life-of-the-party couple. During their relationship, they have gained a combined 150 pounds. Cain wants to lose weight so he can find the confidence to propose, while Tiffany wants to find the confidence to say "yes."

Each of the couples is planning either a proposal or wedding. Chris Powell will transform the Grooms and Heidi Powell will transform the Brides.

The couples spend their first three months together at boot camp, and then they are unexpectedly separated for the next three months, and will not able to see each other until their wedding or engagement day!

There is also a special "Wedding Dream Team" made up of wedding planner extraordinaire David Tutera, Chef Rocco DiSpirito, "Duff" Goldman of Charm City Cakes, and in this first episode, soccer star Mia Hamm!

Chris and Heidi revealed that sadly one of the three couples would not make it to the alter and would break up! However, they agreed in saying they both thought it was for the best. We'll have to watch and see what happens.

The journey begins Tuesday night June 23rd on ABC!

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