Instagram fitness star gets banned for posting pregnancy photo

LOS ANGELES -- An Instagram star well-known for her fitness videos, which often concentrate on getting a better butt, landed herself in hot water when her account was disabled.

Brittany Perille Yobe has more than 900,000 followers. When she posted a recent exercise tutorial wearing a sports bra and showing her bare pregnant belly, Instagram took her account down.

"We disable accounts that post content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity," the social media site wrote to her.

Yobe spoke with Eyewitness News about the ordeal via Skype.

"I posted videos of myself working out in a sports bra and leggings for two years now, in the gym, with a six pack and in great shape. All of the sudden when I post my being pregnant working out in the gym in a sports bra and leggings - it's all of the sudden flagged and Instagram, I guess, can't handle it," she said.

"Cosmopolitan" wrote an article on the situation, and on Monday night her account was reinstated.

Yobe, who is having a boy, is due in February. null
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