Last-minute Oscar preparations underway at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- We're just one day away from the 90th Academy Awards, and the excitement is building in Hollywood and around the world.

Last-minute preparations are still underway at the Dolby Theatre, where Hollywood's biggest night is set to take place Sunday.

Light showers fell on Saturday, which left water dripping from the plastic covering on signs and the red carpet, but neither the rain or chilly winds have interrupted preparations for the event.

In fact, much of the plastic covering was removed from the red carpet, which means it's close to showtime.

Crews were still seen adjusting lighting, cameras and set pieces. Several television crews were also spotted rehearsing, including ABC's Michael Strahan.

Journalists from all over the world have traveled to Southern California, ready to broadcast the excitement of the Oscars to audiences in their home countries.

"They love it. They are just waiting for us to be on camera and also, you know, translating everything to them as it's happening. The Dolby Theatre is a great experience for us and for the audience, you know, and there it's midnight, so the people stay up late until 7 o'clock in the morning, and they watch the show," said George Satsidis, a TV personality who traveled from Greece with his production crew.

In only hours, the public will get to see which films and which stars will be going home with Oscars.