John Krasinski moves from comedy to horror in 'A Quiet Place' with wife Emily Blunt

NEW YORK (WABC) -- John Krasinski will be the first to tell you he never expected to write and direct a horror movie. "The Office" star, known for his comedy, isn't even a fan of the genre.

But "A Quiet Place" grew out of his experience as a father of two young daughters, and the film gave him his first chance to work with his wife, Emily Blunt.

The pair didn't set out to collaborate, and as Krasinski re-wrote the script, Blunt suggested another star play the role she eventually decided to take on herself.

"It just was a very personal film for me to read about this couple with their children," she said. "Being a mother myself, all I want to do is protect my children."

According to Krasinski, '"A Quiet Place" is about a family that has to live as silently as possible or else horrible things happen.

"Who are we if we can't protect them?" the desperate mother asks in the film.

It takes place in an alternate version of Upstate New York, one that has been invaded by creatures who are blind. If they hear you, they will hurt you.

These "horrible things" happen early and quickly, making for an intense watch. Even more so if you're a husband and wife working together for the first time, and Blunt said she was "terrified" before shooting began.

"We were scared that we would bump heads in a way that we couldn't recover from," Krasinski said.

"Because you take on a different persona when you're at work, I think," Blunt said. "You know, everyone's different when they're at work than when they're at home."

The couple worked on the script together before shooting began.

"Because we were open and honest about that, we didn't really have any tension on set," Krasinski said. "The tension came in the early days of talking everything out, because, yeah, we disagreed on stuff. But we found a way to understand each other's side of it, and while we were shooting, it was just the best."

"We collaborate really well," Blunt said. "I think we were surprised by that."

The experience deepened their appreciation and, ultimately, their love for one another.

"It was just phenomenal," Krasinksi said. "I mean, I just got to admire her in a whole new way."

Krasinski called the making of this film the "best experience" of his entire professional life.

"Another experience to enrich your relationship," Blunt said.

"A Quiet Place" was made in Pawling, New Paltz, Little Falls, and Beacon.


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