Movie review: 'The Boss Baby'

It doesn't happen often, but sometimes a movie will come out that I actually like a lot more than other critics do.

Such is the case with "The Boss Baby."

With a head almost as big as his body and a personality supplied by Alec Baldwin, the title character is entertaining enough to please just about everyone except cranky critics who have overanalyzed this funny cartoon.

The fantasy is grounded in the real experience of an only child who is used to getting all of his parents' attention.

Actress Lisa Kudrow plays his mom. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, his dad.

And the new brother is clearly not normal: He carries a briefcase and he can talk. It turns out the baby is there on a mission.

"We babies are having a crisis. Babies are not getting as much love as we used to. Behold our mortal enemies: puppies," says Boss Baby.

The competition in the cute department is about to get tough because a more adorable bionic puppy is in development, but first the two brothers must find a way to work together:

From here, the mission gets a little murkier, but still I kept smiling.

Even after the movie ended and I saw a trailer for "The Boss Baby" acknowledging that Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" likely will three-peat as this weekend's most popular movie, as an older brother myself, I took a special interest in the movie.

In fact, the birth of my brother Geoffrey is my earliest memory. To soften the blow, our parents bought me a pedal car, but clearly I still wasn't too happy about his arrival. This movie speaks to that kind of brotherly relationship in a very funny way I appreciated.

Geoffrey's been such a great brother, I really hope he forgives me now.

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