MoviePass launches one-year subscription plan for $6.95 a month

With the decreasing sales of movie tickets and rising streaming services, getting people into the theaters is getting harder and harder.

The company MoviePass is looking to make a change, giving movie watchers a chance to go to the movies every night with their subscription service for $6.95 a month.

"We're essentially putting our money where our mouth is in a way to re-energize the theatrical film business," MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said.

The company is paying theaters full price for every ticket bought, which means they could potentially lose a lot of money.

However, MoviePass could also make more money by getting so many customers back to the movies, then the theaters, film companies and vendors will begin to share their increased profit.

Customers also provide the company with information about their movie-viewing habits, which the MoviePass can then sell to movie companies.

"No one really knows who sees which film and so as a result studios have to spend tens of millions of dollars marketing films where they should know like Netflix knows exactly who is interested in seeing those films," Lowe said.

Click here to see which theaters in your town are included in the subscription plan.
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