Multi-talented DJ April Hunt finding niche in art world

MANHATTAN, New York City (WABC) -- April Hunt is a DJ who has worked in art and public relations, and now, she's bridging those worlds in hopes of diversifying all she influences.

A recent story about April called her a "stylish presence" in the city's art scene, and the New York Times observed that if you see her around town, you're probably "someplace fabulous."

She is the quintessence of cool and more than capable of getting any party started, such as when she got 1,200 people moving at The Armory Party at The Museum of Modern Art.

"I just feel like I will never close my eyes again, that's how high the adrenaline is," Hunt said in response to what it's like to play music for such a happening crowd.

But behind her mojo, there's a mission. Because as she likes to say, she's a "synergy" person.

Hunt uses her skills as a DJ and as a public relations professional to promote emerging artists who have struggled to break through.

"The art feeds the music, because a lot of the DJ gigs I get are within the art world," Hunt said.

The Pen and Brush art gallery proved the perfect venue to get to know her.

"Pen and Brush is all about women, amplifying the voices of women artists (and) women writers," Hunt said. "If you're a woman, this is a safe space for you to show your talents."

Hunt has no problem making sure her voice gets heard, especially when she talks about injustice within the art world.

"The industry, as we know, has been mostly male-dominated," Hunt said. "And also, white male-dominated."

April added that there's a pay gap between men and women, specifically male artists selling works at a higher rate than women who are their peers in the same age group.

"There's more of a need to expose these voices," Hunt said. "Voices of people of color, and just fight for the justification and recognition of their talents."

Her words are weapons and she strikes a blow for justice with her beats. Hunt is tomorrow's star, here, today.

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