New York Auto Show Week rolls onto 'LIVE with Kelly and Ryan'

NEW YORK -- New York Auto Show Week is rolling onto LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Monday.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest said that it's always exciting showing off the newest vehicles to the audience for the first time.

"The fact that we put cars on the set is really cool to me," Seacrest said.

"We get such a sneak peek here that really, a lot of times, for the American audience, the Canadian audience, the world debut happens right on our show, that's really exciting," Ripa said.

A lot goes into being able to drive the cars onto the LIVE stage. Executive Producer Michael Gelman said that there are as many as four different vehicles each day coming through their stage doors.

"Getting them in and out of the studio is tough," Gelman said. "Sometimes in a commercial break we're pushing around these four cars in our little studio, and it's tough."

And the audience in the studio and at home get to preview more than just the concept cars.

"I even use it for myself to go car shopping," Gelman said. "I try to bring that information that will help people at home."

They've got it down to a science. There are a lot of fun things planned each day like "Fun and Fast" and "Rugged yet Refined" just to name a few.

This is the LIVE show's 20th year featuring the cars of the New York Auto Show, but Gelman said there are still many surprises ahead...even for them!

"Some of these world premieres are so secretive that they won't even show us pictures of them ahead of time," Gelman said. "You know, we know the names of the cars, but there are going to be some big surprises on the show."

Don't miss New York Auto Show Week on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan starting Monday morning all week long on ABC.

The New York International Auto Show will be held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, from April 19-28. For more information visit
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