Oscar producers aim for compelling, surprising show

LOS ANGELES -- The producers of the 91st Oscars came into the project focusing on one word: change.

Donna Gigliotti and Glenn Weiss are ready to give us something different with this year's awards.

Weiss, who proposed to his fiancée on stage at the Emmys last year, knows how much "moments" matter.

"This show is full of moments and I think that's what we spent our time trying to figure out," said Weiss. "Whatever obstacles come our way, we want to create something people want to keep watching and go 'Oh I didn't expect that to happen'!"

The producers want a three-hour telecast.

Originally some categories weren't going to be presented live. But with protest that changed. And change is something these two understand.

"As experienced producers we really do roll with the punches. It's our job," said Gigliotti. "On this show, on any movie I've ever made, it's always something that comes up. And if you're good at what you do, you figure out a way to make it all work."

"There are literally at the end of the day thousands of people that you'll never see that work on this show and we are so appreciative of everybody who's put in their hard work and time," said Weiss. "Because it really does take an army."

The goal for this year? A compelling, surprising and memorable Oscars.

"What we want you to remember is the importance that movies play in our lives," said Gigliotti.
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