Rachel Ray responds to Rachel Roy mix-up

Rachel Ray is responding to the bizarre incident this week with fired-up Beyonce fans.

It started with Beyonce's release of her latest album "Lemonade" on Sunday. In the song, "Sorry," a lyric implies marital infidelity and the name Becky.

Fans known as the "Beyhive" were quick to assume Becky was fashion designer Rachel Roy, but some fans got the name confused and thought the alleged mistress was celebrity cook Rachel Ray. They were anything but kind to Ray.

The TV host sat down with sister station ABC11's Barbara Gibbs to address the incident.

Not only did she take the high road, she even joked about it.

"It's just so funny and silly, you know," she said. "Rachel Roy and I sent each other flowers out of the whole thing. I think it's just so funny. You know over the years though, Rachel Roy and I have been mixed up a lot. I've gotten her cleaning and deliveries and we've gotten each other's restaurant reservations mixed up. We're kind a used to the whole mix-up thing."

Ray's team even posted lemonade recipes on Instagram.
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