Samuel L. Jackson teams up with Brie Larson in 'Captain Marvel'

CHICAGO -- Captain Marvel is ready to leap onto the big screen this week - and the magic's being made by a female superhero!

Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., gets a rewind this time. He teams up with Captain Marvel, just when the world is in need of some champions.

"This film to me sometimes feels to me as much of an original story for me as it is for her, there are things we discover, he hadn't developed the cynicism and distrust of people above him just yet. He doesn't know there are extra-terrestrials, she's his first alien, kind of cool," said Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury.

DAVIES: You're kind of the Marvel "go to" guy, you've been in so many of them. Were the directors coming to you asking, should we do this or that? Is this right, is that wrong?

JACKSON: Directors don't do that, sometimes you just stop and say, OK, I've been in the Marvel Universe for a while, so I kind of know who Nick Fury is, let me show you first before you tell me.

A key co-star for Jackson is a feline and his stand-ins!

"It was 4 different cats, but there was one main cat, Reggie, who did most of the work," Jackson said. "Yeah, it's work. Yeah, he's gotta do stuff, he's gotta hit marks, he actually hit his mark and sometimes when I'm doing stuff to him he puts his hand up, you have to do it at the right moment, so Reggie's pretty good at his job."

DAVIES: How about Brie, working with her?

JACKSON: Brie's awesome. This is my third film with Brie and it was an opportunity, she was so excited to do this, and she was even more excited to do it with me, she made me excited about it. The relationship that develops in there feels very genuine and works very well for what's going on and we're fun together so we can be funny together.
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