Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Atomic Blonde,' starring Charlize Theron

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A spy thriller with a female lead and lots of action hits theaters this weekend, with Charlize Theron playing a killer heroin.

And calling this "Atomic Blonde" an alpha female is an understatement.

The story takes place nearly 30 years ago in Berlin as the famed wall dividing east and west is about to come down. Each side is jockeying for power, and British intelligence sends Lorraine Broughton to Berlin. There, foe looks like friend, but she isn't fooled.

A local agent played by James McAvoy follows close behind, but Broughton doesn't seem to want his help.

The action cuts between Berlin and London, before, during and after her mission. John Goodman is the CIA man in the mix, when an agent turns up dead. No one is who they seem in a world where violence is a way of life.

As a spy story, "Atomic Blonde" is nothing special. But the plot exists to provide an excuse for fighting, and it's here Theron excels, all the while looking impossibly cool.

There is a lot more style than substance to this "Atomic Blonde," but you'll be having too much fun to care.

Call it a guilty pleasure if you like, and avoid the movie if excessive violence upsets you. It's not for kids, and it's best not to think too closely about what happens or the picture will start to lose its luster. It's more sexy than smart, but isn't that what a summer movie should be all about?
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