Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Black Mass'

NEW YORK (WABC) -- James "Whitey" Bulger is one of the most notorious mob bosses in Boston's history, and some say he was the inspiration for Jack Nicholson's character in the Oscar-winning Best Picture "The Departed."

But now, a new movie called "Black Mass" is depicting the crime leader's real-life story, with Johnny Depp in the lead role.

The eccentric ways and stylish oddities that have admittedly made Depp so amusing are gone, and there are no tricks. But there's still plenty of make-up.

The image that continues to linger is the man's stare - his cold eyes and spare brutality.

Two relationships lie at the heart of the movie. One is with an FBI agent drawn into Bulger's schemes and who is ultimately used by him, because Bulger got more protection from the bureau than the information the FBI agent provided as an informant was worth.

Australian Joel Edgerton is expected to join Depp in contention for an Oscar.

One of last year's nominees, Benedict Cumberbatch, might also be considered for his role as Whitey's brother - a powerful politician.

The movie is violent, but only so far as the subjects demand.

Depp is chilling in the role throughout the film, but the way women are treated in this story is especially cruel, though the actresses really don't have enough to do. And that's shame, but considering what is shown here, the biggest shame of all is how Bulger was allowed to remain free for decades until 2011.

You see him captured in the final few minutes of "Black Mass."
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