Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Only The Brave'

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Sandy Kenyon reviews the firefighter drama "Only the Brave"

A new film dedicated to the memory of 19 Arizona firefighters who died northwest of Phoenix in the summer of 2013 tells the story of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots.

"Only The Brave" isn't a bad movie, and the tragic story based on real events is surely worth telling, but I just can't think of a compelling reason for you to rush to see the tale set in Prescott, Arizona.

Josh Brolin's character is frustrated because he has spent years battling bureaucracy along with blazes, and yet, his crew has yet to be certified as "Hot Shots" -- the guys assigned to the front lines, trying to stop the spread of wildfires that can consume thousands of acres.

The men are soon good to go, thanks to the intervention a fire chief played by Jeff Bridges. While it is enjoyable seeing the two old pros work opposite each other, Jennifer Connelly as Brolin's wife takes it a bit too far over the top in dramatic scenes. Also, the couple's backstory isn't explored enough.

Sample line: "It's not easy sharing your man with the fire!!"

Miles Teller, playing a new recruit, does interesting work with a stock character.

Sample line: "If you just give me a chance, I won't let you down."

But the science of fighting wildfires isn't properly explained, and too often, you'll find yourself wondering exactly what is happening.
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