Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Steve Jobs,' one of the year's best

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Steve Jobs put computers in our homes and the internet in our pockets, and there's no doubt that the innovations he helped bring us changed the world. But as much adoration as there is for Jobs, there is controversy too.

And that controversy is now playing out in a new bio-pic about the Apple co-founder's life.

The brilliance of his mind and the coldness of his heart is on full display in "Steve Jobs."

It's easy to see why his widow tried to block this film, but luckily, she failed because the final result is one of the best movies so far this year.

Michael Fassbender embodies the co-founder of Apple, while Seth Rogen is equally brilliant as the other, Steve Wozniak.

The German actor has the right haughty attitude, even though he doesn't really look or sound like the guy so famous for the iPhone, iPod and, of course, the Mac.

Years before cancer claimed his life, Jobs had actually lost control of the company that he had started.

His dismissal led, in time, to his triumphant return to Apple, and the decision to concentrate on just a few periods of his life proves wise.

Kate Winslet nails a key role, as perhaps the only person who has the ear of the mercurial executive and the only one who can get Jobs to be halfway decent.

The dialogue, written by Aaron Sorkin, rings true, and to use a word Jobs might have appreciated, director Danny Boyle has captured the right "vibe."
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