Jenna Fischer, Oliver Hudson talk new ABC comedy, 'Splitting Up Together'

HOLLYWOOD (WABC) -- Jenna Fischer, who earned an Emmy nomination opposite John Krasinski in "The Office," is back in prime time with Goldie Hawn's son, Oliver Hudson, who you may remember from ABC's "Nashville."

The two of them star in "Splitting Up Together," a new ABC comedy on Tuesday nights. I sat down with both of them in Hollywood.

Fischer and Hudson play characters who are separated but still sharing the same property.

"Just because we can't be a couple doesn't mean that we can't be great parents," Fischer said. "And we should be great parents, and we have to put aside our differences and figure out how to make a great home for our kids in this unusual situation."

I asked, "Living on the same property makes it more unusual, doesn't it?"

Hudson agreed, but his co-star noted, "That's a real thing. It's called 'bird nesting.' It has a term."

Hudson had never heard of this and nor had I, so she had to explain it to me.

"Bird nesting is when you get a divorce, and you keep the family home," she said. "And the children live in it, and the parents switch off each week."

In the new sitcom, one parent lives in the main house while the other is in the garage for a week. The switch-off is milked for laughs that seem contemporary.

"Families look like all kinds of different things now," Fischer said.

"Right," Hudson chimed in. "And 'family unit' doesn't necessarily have to mean together. A family unit can be different pieces that work well together."

"Splitting Up Together" airs Tuesday nights on WABC-TV at 9:30 p.m. -- right after "Black-ish."

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