Sandy Kenyon reviews 'Logan Lucky,' 'The Hitman's Bodyguard'

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Sandy Kenyon has the reviews.

Two new movies are hitting theaters this weekend, with Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds starring in "The Hitman's Bodyguard" while Channing Tatum and Adam Driver team up with Daniel Craig in "Logan Lucky."

Both are hoping to jump start a slow summer at the box office, but is either worth your money?

Critics are falling all over themselves to praise Steven Soderbergh's return to directing, but they hype for "Logan Lucky" is overblown. Logan isn't lucky, and unfortunately, the movie isn't funny either.

Tatum and Driver play the brothers, with Riley Keough -- the grandaughter of Elvis Presley -- co-starring as their sister. The family is looking to stage a robbery during a big NASCAR race by sucking up tons of concession stand cash stored in a vault below ground. But first, they must recruit Craig's Joe Bang to help them.

Craig, who is one of the world's finest actors, puts the lie to the idea that all Brits are skilled at doing American accents. You might say "Logan Lucky" is supposed to be a satire, but films like this need to be grounded in some sort of reality or it plays like movie stars getting paid to have fun at our expense.

The film's wry tone, filled with sarcasm, seemed to amuse millennials, though.

In "The Hitman's Bodyguard," Jackson plays a lethal assassin who is the only witness who can put a war criminal behind bars. And so Reynolds is tapped to keep him alive and get him to Amsterdam to testify.

Their banter goes on a bit too long, and the movie would have benefited from fewer adventures in a shorter running time. But for a pure popcorn picture, it's entertaining enough.

Business at the box office is down more than 12 percent compared to last summer, with experts pointing to the poor quality of this year's summer movies. These two films aren't likely to put much of a dent in the deficit.
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