Sandy Kenyon reviews Meryl Streep comedy 'Florence Foster Jenkins'

There may be no better way to beat the heat this weekend than to head to the movies, where Meryl Streep takes the screen and stage in "Florence Foster Jenkins."

But the question to ask is, will audiences sing her praises?

It takes true talent such as Streep to sing so badly and make us care about a rich woman and those who indulged her more than 70 years ago.

Florence Foster Jenkins inherited a million dollars from her dad, which financed her dream, that is pursued with the help of her husband, played by Hugh Grant.

Simon Helberg, from "The Big Bang Theory," stars as the pianist hired to accompany Jenkins.

She manages to buy her way into Carnegie Hall, yet all the money in the world can't make her a better singer. But that doesn't make her any less entertaining to those who love to laugh at her expense.

The society matron does manage to capture the imagination of New York City, and if you think that "Florence Foster Jenkins" won't keep your attention, you might be proved wrong.

There's talk of a record 20th Oscar nomination for Streep, and these days, the star gets applause no matter what she does.
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