The Shoeshine Guild in Chelsea Market gives recovering alcoholics a chance to get back on the right foot

CHELSEA MARKET (WABC) -- Getting a chance to start over is a huge part of battling addiction.

The Shoeshine Guild, located in a corner of Chelsea Market, has resurrected an old craft with the intention of helping recovering alcoholics get back on their feet.

Founded by Kevin Tuohy, The Shoeshine Guild now has 30 employees, half of them are recovering from substance abuse.

Tuohy and his business partners say those with past alcohol or drug problems are drawn to the craft is because it's low-stress, helps build self-esteem and keeps them focused.

Nick Mahoney never thought he'd shine anyone's shoes. But a few years ago, the long-time attorney was desperate. He was battling addiction and out of a job.

He met Kevin Tuohy, a recovered alcoholic himself, who had been introduced to shoe-shinning at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

The founders hope the company keeps growing and helping people like Nick Mahoney, who is now back practicing law but still shining shoes for a few hours every day.

You can find Tuohy and The Shoeshine Guild inside Chelsea Market.

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