Some predict politically charged Oscars

HOLLYWOOD, California (WABC) -- Many in Hollywood suggest there will be no shortages of statements involving the president and his policies at the Oscars.

This could be the most political Academy Awards since the Vietnam War.

United Talent Agency canceled its annual Oscar party and staged a rally on Friday instead.

Donald Trump's presidency has mobilized Hollywood especially after the "Golden Globes" when Meryl Streep expressed her thoughts.

President Trump's response served to magnify the moment.

Look for other winners to weigh in at Sunday night's ceremony says Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel.

"I would be very surprised if there are no politically themed speeches," Kimmel said. "I can't imagine that it won't be mentioned, but I hope it is done somewhat sparingly."

A new poll shows 21% of Americans think politics should not be mentioned during the Oscars, but a past nominee respectfully disagrees.

"Oh I think it's our responsibility. I mean you know, to speak our minds," said Jake Gyllenhaal, actor.

And besides, controversy actually makes the show more interesting!

"I'm looking forward to it. It's always a fascinating show to watch," Gyllenhaal said. null
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