'Spider-Man' cast proves young people are still going to the movies

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Spider-Man is making it's own "homecoming" to New York City in the newest addition to the franchise. Tom Holland will be making his film debut in the title role. Holland will prove that he is larger than life on four thousand big screens across the country.

"I think the best place to see a movie is in the cinema with a big box of popcorn," Holland said. "Just because it's an experience."

That cinematic experience will likely gross $100 million in the first weekend just in the United States and Canada. But a few blockbusters like this can't mask what is becoming a new reality for Hollywood executives.

"You need to be aware as a studio that people are going to consume your content in many different scenarios, in many different settings," said marketing expert Richard Rabbat.

Today, people watch movies several different ways. Whether it be leaning back in a comfortable theater or leaning forward to engage with a small screen. For proof of this new trend, you can look no further than to "Spider-Man's" pals.

"How do I watch movies?" asked Zendaya, who plays one of Spider-Man's friends in the movie. "Um yeah, in my living room." She elaborate saying, "I think it's just because of technology. Everything you can like stream everything. You don't even gotta leave your house to watch a movie."

Yet, the young actors say going to a theater still remains as an option. Laura Harrier, who plays "Liz" in the movie, and Zendaya both agree that there is still something special about going to the theater with friends to watch a movie.

"Seeing this movie with our friends just makes it that much better," Herrier said.

"Gives you somebody to talk about it with," Zendaya said, "I mean you can't have that if you're by yourself. I mean you can, but it's awkward."

You can head to the theaters to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming on the big screen starting Friday, July 7th.
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