'The Catch' star Mireille Enos talks role ahead of TGIT series premiere

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Shonda Rhimes brought viewers "Scandal," "Grey's Anatomy" and "How to Get Away with Murder," and now, she's adding a new series to her lineup.

TGIT is the label ABC gives to its Thursday night dramas, home to some of the most popular shows on the network. And "The Catch" is hoping to follow in that tradition.

It fills the spot vacated by the Viola Davis drama, which is done until the fall, and comes from Shondaland, the company run by producer Rhimes.

"Like her other shows, there's a strong female lead," star Mireille Enos said. "She's driven and beautifully dressed, and has complications in her love life."

The character, a private investigator played by the former star of "The Killing," is headed to the altar with a rich businessman played by Peter Krause when he just disappears.

"She's betrayed," Enos said. "It's revealed her fiance is actually a con artist."

The rest of the season is devoted to finding him and making him pay.

Enos is so stylish that fans of her work might not even recognize her.

"It's fun to play dress up," she said. "You know, my personal style is probably somewhere in between Alice Vaughn and Sarah Linden, so it's definitely fun to step into this glamorous world."

Enos studies tae kwon do, and that's not the only way art imitates life here.

"In my own life, I have a lot of energy," she said. "I love to smile. I love to laugh."

She is charming, as is the rest of the diverse cast.

Enos got her start at Lincoln Center, won a Tony Award on Broadway and met her husband Alan Ruck when both appeared in the same show.

Ruck, best known for his role as Cameron Frye in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," will play opposite Enos again later this season on "The Catch," which premieres Thursday night at 10 p.m.
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