'The Mayor' running to win heart of American families

While politics may turn some people off, actor Brandon Micheal Hall hopes America will be turned on by the heart in ABC's new comedy "The Mayor."

"The things that resonated most with me were love, family, and home," Hall said about the new show, debuting tonight on ABC.

When struggling hip-hop artist Courtney Rose runs for mayor of Fort Grey as a publicity stunt to help sell his mixtape, he never expects he might actually win.

But when residents find themselves attracted to the cocky musician's charisma and funny one-liners, their votes put him over the top.

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Check out this sneak peek of 'The Mayor,' debuting tonight on ABC13.

Hall says he was attracted to the script for "The Mayor" because of his love of family and the sometimes dicey obstacles families can face.

"With love, you can defeat anything with love," Hall said. "Going into Courtney walking into this new political frame, he has to have a big heart, and we're going to watch him go up and down within that, but we're also going to see his heart grow and grow for the people and what he loves to do."

Hall also says the show has a lot of hope, something everyone can use a little more of.

"At the very end of the day...hope, that's what keeps you going, it's what wakes you up in the morning, and you go away and say, 'I'm going to push forward,'" Hall said.

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Catch a sneak peek of 'The Mayor,' debuting tonight on ABC.

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