'Under the Radar' theater festival reflects city's diversity

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Sandy Kenyon has the details.

It's a great title for a festival of innovative work from around the globe at a New York Institution known for taking risks. The Public Theater is where 'Hamilton' was first staged by Linn Manuel Miranda.

"What he's doing with the American musical is what these artists are doing with regular theater practice. They're turning it on its side and saying, 'look at this!'" says Mark Russell.

Both Russell and Meiyin Want have run this together for a decade.

"For an artist to get here, for a work to get here, it has to have a sense of urgency. These artists have to tell a story from a very specific point of view," says Meiyin.

'Samedi Dtente tells the story of the Rawandan genocide from the perspective of a woman who was there, and watched it happen.

"These are people you don' know yet, but you're going to know them," adds Russell.

'Under the Radar' artists come from around the world.

"It's my first time, first time in New York City," says Antoine Defoorte, Creator of 'Germinal'.

Some come from France, while others come from Chile, and some like Ahamelule Oluo are from all over.

"He is a first generation mixed race child who is of the world," says Meiyin.

His show called 'Now I'm Fine' is at the Public Theater on Tuesday night starting at 8:30. It's a way to experience a bit of the world without ever leaving the city.

'Under the Radar' continues through Sunday. To see the schedule for the festival, CLICK HERE.
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