Exclusive: Woman pleads for repairs after water severely damages Newark apartment

NEWARK, New Jersey (WABC) -- A woman in Newark says she and her children are living in an apartment that is falling apart.

There is the entire water soaked wall and ceiling where the drywall has fallen.

There's a large gaping hole and the water damaged ceiling out in the hallway.

This is Cassandra Pullin's nightmare.

"It's very frustrating because I have small children," Pullin said.

A fire, last Friday, in the Newark apartment right above hers sent water cascading onto everything she owns.

"There was so much water. My furniture was wet. Everything in the living room. Everything in the kitchen. The food, everything is wet," Pullin said.

The whole wall is just soaked. Even if you lean against this whole wall it's just going to collapse in.

The whole wall needs to be taken down. The renter even patched the hole in the wall, but it made little difference.

She did it so that bugs won't coming crawling into her apartment.

"This hole is ginormous. It goes from here to there. I covered it with this plastic because again because there was stuff coming out of it," Pullin said.

Her frustration is with the building manager, Treetop Management Company. Pullin says they have seen the damage.

"They are not doing anything to help the situation by not fixing it. And I explained to them that my daughter has bronchitis and she is very young. My other daughter is four," Pullin said.

Company officials tell Eyewitness News they plan to have repairs completed by the end of the month.

A total of three apartments were damaged.

They also have offered Pullin a temporary apartment in the building next door.

"The building across from here is 10 times worse than what you see in my apartment. That building is way worse than anybody can imagine even living in there," Pullin said.

To her surprise, workers showed up at her apartment Wednesday morning to begin repair work.

Based on previous repairs, she does not have a lot of confidence in this damaged being repaired.
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