A look at at-home beauty masks

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Beauty masks - the ones that come in a sleek envelope and look like a face are so fun and effective that celebrities are instagramming the experience.

"It all comes from the K Beauty movement, which is all the innovative awesome treatments coming out of Korea right now," says David Razzano.

Razzano is a Sephora pro artist, and says there is a mask for just about every skin type or issue. Some of the masks are more expensive than others, while some are sold in a set. Other masks are sold individually and cost only several dollars. Sephora has its own brand.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, for example, the green tea mask will matify your skin.

"Farmacy" has a hydrating coconut gel mask which helps to soothe your skin down. There is also a mask made with tomato to brighten, or wine to soothe.

An extract made from birds' nests is a key ingredient in the Colbert MD Illumino mask - it can help with cell growth and get rid of brown spots. The soft bio-cellulose mask is a long way from those mud masks that harden on the skin, according to its creator dermatologist David Colbert.

"This mask is the opposite of the old-fashioned ones. It doesn't dry you out, it makes you feel soft and dewy. Your skin has a really nice glow," says Colbert.

The mask is ideal for someone with dry skin like Latoya Dobyns. You peel away the back layer before placing it on. The mask adheres closely when you apply it, and it feels like a nice cashmere glove.

That snug fit, pus q-somes in the mask help the ingredients like Vitamin C and E penetrate the skin in a way that creams can't. Sit with the mask on for 15 minutes to an hour and relax - you can put it on at home, on a plane or in your office. There is no need to wash it off.

Sheet masks start at $6, depending on the brand and can go up from there The Colbert MD Illumino Mask is $22, but they come in a set of 5.

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