Florida town comes together to give homeless couple dream wedding

TAMPA (WABC) -- A couple homeless for three years has finally fulfilled their dream of getting married, thanks to a community in Florida that came together to provide their dream wedding.

But that's not all.

Evelyn and Rocky, a far cry from where they started, have been looking forward to their nuptials for quote some time. They live in a wooded area off Manhattan Avenue in South Tampa, but they were able to tie the knot in a special setting.

"This is a dream come true, and everybody that did all this and these girls and everything," Evelyn said. "It's just been a dream come true. No one's ever did this for me and Rocky."

The couple, and their dog, have been through a lot of tough times together. But they've never giving up on their dream of one day living together in a place they can call home.

"I look forward to a new life, to start over," Rocky said. "That's about all I can say. It's going to be a start over."

When the owners of the Cross Creek Ranch heard the couple's story, they offered their wedding services for free.

"It's been so moving to see how excited they are," owner Bonny McSharry said. "And it has been as much a gift for our staff, myself, my husband, and our staff, as much as it is for them."

Others donated a dress for Evelyn and a tux for Rocky, flowers, and food and drink for all the guests.

Tampa police Homeless Liaison Officer Daniel McDonald is credited with pulling it all together.

"We deal with our challenges working with the homeless, so it's nice to have a victory like this," he said. "It's nice to see them happy and signing a new chapter in their life."

And it was a day this couple will never forget.

"It's awesome that all these people come together for these two homeless old people," Evelyn said.

And there was even good news on the way, and Rocky and Evelyn just got the keys to a duplex in northern Tampa as part of a homeless assistance program.
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